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Medical Evacuation and logistic services

How it works

After receiving the medical file from your attending physician, and after consultation with several specialists in South Africa, India, Tunisia or Israel, we issue a quote including information on the specialist, the hospital or the clinic, as well as the medical procedure. This will also include an estimation of the duration of the treatment. An estimate of the cost of treatment as well as other costs related to the patient’s medical stay such as visa, plane ticket, accommodation, meals, patient transport are also provided. The appointment is made with the specialist and the logistics related to the treatment are set up with the hospital once a partial / full payment of the costs has been received.

Medical services and procedures covered

Angiography | General Checkup | Interventional radiology | Audiology | Cardiology | Cellulite and liposuction | Cardiothoracic surgery, Electrophysiology, Gastroenterology | Obstetrics and gynecology: Intensive Neonatal Care, Antenatal care, Fertility clinics | General surgery | Laryngopharyngeal surgery | Maxillofacial surgery | Orthognathic surgery | Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery | Vascular surgery | Densitometry Dermatology | Ophthalmology | Orthopedics | Hemodialysis | Emergency medicine | Internal medicine: Specialist surgeons, Pulmonology, Incontinence clinic | Nephrology | Neurology | Neurosurgery | Oncology: Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy | Therapeutic beauty and cosmetic surgery | Men’s clinic | Pediatrics: Cardio-pediatrics, neuropediatric, pediatric pulmonary, neurodevelopmental pediatrics | Pathologies | Psychiatry and Psychology | Radiology: MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine | Medical rehabilitation | Organ transplantation and grafts | Urology: Brachi/ radio Therapy, lithotripsy/ ultrasound therapy | HIV / AIDS monitoring

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Medical Visa

Our hospital management service provides all the necessary information and you need to obtain a medical visa for South Africa covering the entire stay. It ensures that all regulations relating to the prevention and protection of COVID-19 are covered. It also assists on the extension of visas in the event that they expire due to an unforeseen extension of treatment by the attending physician.

Treatment and medical follow-up

Global Easymed provides you with a multilingual medical interpreter who will assist you and your family during and after the treatment. An appointment is made with the attending physicians for your consultations and check-ups, then the treatments are followed. Medical reports and post-treatment recommendations are interpreted. Liaison with the specialist is maintained until the next appointment or visit as needed.


The medical service is supplemented by a medical excursion in addition to your medical stay on request. This happens around your recovery and convalescence period. It consists of making you and your families discover historical, tourist and exclusive sites in the city where you are being treated or in South Africa in general.

Accommodation and catering

A network of residences, B&Bs, Inns, Maison, cottages, Hotels, Chalets, Vacation homes that operate in affiliation with TEF CONSULTING is available to welcome our customers. These accommodation facilities range from basic to luxurious, to accommodate your financial or preference needs. Our catering service is optional and provides our patients with three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our residences are comfortably furnished and equipped with international and local television channels which will make the patient’s stay pleasant. We also provide cooks, couriers, housekeepers, laundry workers and home nurses on demand.

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Our shuttle service liaises directly with you, will transfer you from the airport to the place of accommodation. They will also take you back to the airport on your departure day after your respective treatments and stay. Our vehicles are assigned according to the capacity required to accommodate you and your families. This service is also responsible for providing daily medical shuttles to you and your families to the hospital, and other amenities in the evacuation town.

Depending on your needs, this same service is responsible for booking medical airplanes to transport the you or your patient from your country of origin, or the ambulance to transport the patient from the airport to the hospital or clinic.

Consumables & Medical Equipment

Global EasyMed has an extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa, in the European Union and China. This gives us a competitive advantage on the turnaround time in obtaining competitive quotes for your orders of new/used medical consumables and equipment. This further guarantees the quality of the material and equipment that Global EasyMed can order for you; either original brand or personalized brand. Depending on your choice,  Global EasyMed will also organize the transport/shipment of your order.
Treatment and Medical follow-up
Accommodation and Catering
The medical service is supplemented

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